Linda McMurry

Accomplished goldsmith Linda McMurry began a love affair with jewelry making in college. She didn’t begin with a passion for metals, but an interest in drawing and design. As a young girl from Chicago, Linda’s parents, who were both teachers, would take her to Lake Michigan for the summer. In those years of exploring nature - collecting bugs and leaves, then studying and sketching their colors and patterns - a love for design was ignited. Along with a creative bent, Linda has always been intrigued with “figuring things out”. She loved digging through her father’s tools and taking trips with him to the hardware store!

Linda’s passion for drawing and design led her to study art at the University of Illinois. There she discovered jewelry making…a medium which combined her love of tools and design. She was hooked! After earning her BFA, Linda went on to teach and create her own line of jewelry. She teaches continuing studies jewelry classes at Kendall College of Art and Design and produces custom design work for her clients and jewelers in town.

Married in 1980, Linda and her husband have three children and have lived in Colorado, California and Michigan where they now reside. 


Linda at work

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Professional Associations

  1. 1.Jewelers of America

  2. 2.Manufacturing Jewelers and

    Suppliers of America


University of Illinois - BFA

New Approach School

Revere Academy

GRS Engraving & Stonesetting